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Thats what I call a super sweet teen. Cute oldfashioned underwear, sweet smile, long brown hair.....

But whats that? A real natural bush.. I heard that this is the new fashion again, how do you like it??

I am not quite sure... but I am very sure that I love these soft rosa perky pink nipples and these big soft coconuts.

Busty Teen

This big girl is proud of her firm big natural boobies.



Would you like to lick at them? Tell me!




Floppy Tits
Westy is an incredible pornstar. She still has this innocent look on her, but be aware when she starts showing off her big natural tits.
They are long and floppy and bouncing a lot.

Who enjoys these tubes? I know many of you do.
Busty Teen
Look at this cutie. She just turned 18 when she did the shooting.
Her pale skin, babyface and fine little ass are something special.
But it wouldn't be called "Natural big boobs blog" if this isn't what attracts me the most on her. Wonderful soft big mammaries.

Thats how I love it!


Betty looks like a tough busty girl with tattoos and piercings who doesn't say no to a real girlfight. Her boobs are real bombs!

But I guess she has also a tender and calm side.

The question is now:
Which of her sides would YOU prefer in bed with her??

Busty Teen

Calista has the perfect body and she knows how to flirt with the camera.

So why don't you just enjoy her and I shut my trap?



Stunning Slim Busty Teen
Two petite models with big firm tits today:

First one is Susi, she is a model of 18andbusty and is from Germany. She has freckles and is smiling a lot. But I personally find her body, especially her great big tits of course, the most mind blowing!
Big Natural Boobs
Secound one is Nathaly, this petite teen is stripping and exposing her delicious slim body with big boobs, cute ass and hairy pussy!

Just enjoy!


This happy lady is a real 5***** 3 course menu for our eyes.

I would take her awesome natural big titties as appetizer. Yummy!
Then I choose her shaved cute pink pussy as main course and finally her round pale skin ass as dessert.

I tell you, just delicious!!

Busty Teen

She is blonde, she is cute, she has a fit body,
she is hot, she is stunning, she is beautiful,
she is horny, she has great eyes,
she has sensual lips,
she has natural wonderful big boobs, she has an amazing ass.....

I could go on with this list the whole day.. so let's just say it in one sentence: SHE IS PERFECT!



We have a newcomer for you, her name is Jenny, she is 23 years old. She is posing for internet the first time. She has a WOW Body!

Let us just enjoy this little piece of heaven.

Busty Teen

I love this yummy busty teen Rita.

She has something innocent and is still very sexual and horny.

Plus a cute smile, bambi eyes, hot ass AND natural big boobs from the finest.



This sweety is our new model of the month. She is 19 Years Old and has 36 DD knockers.

Her big boobs are impressive and she is very cute.
I wouldn't mind to be in bed beside her...

Lets welcome yummy Nanni!!

Busty MILF

This is a hot redhead MILF with yummy big boobs. We can see her stripping and showing off her asshole.
She is not an 08/15 type.
The little boy inside comes alive when I see those floppy tits, I would love to flip them up and down.. Do you know this feeling?



Zenda is a new face on the net. She is a bit alternative,
but still very cute.
Sweet smile, awesome knockers and hot pussy.

Just great!!


Busty MILF

This is a lovely, extreme pretty MILF. Who wouldn't like to hop with her in the shower and help to rub those wonderful big mammaries??

Really nice body, but her ass is kinda small...




Katerina is not a size zero model, but what we love are curves, especially on the right places. And this she has for 100%!

Click at the videos to see her in action !!


Busty Teen

Don't ask me what she did with her eyebrows and why she thinks that it looks good.... I have no idea!

But beside of this, she has some really yuicy heavy big knockers.
The real 18andBusty way: slim, cute, teen and BUSTY!!!





Happy New Year!!!

Pretty Hailie is one of my all time favourite models on the net. She has an awesome body, pale skin, cute smile and of course nice big naturals.


Watch her videos here!

Busty Teen

This one has a butter face... but her breasts are massive and that is what counts, right?


I am not sure if you are a fan of small bushes... if yes here you go!



Our Christmas present for you:

Laura is a real bomb!!

Her awesome huge melons are 100% natural. Enjoy this exclusive content of one of the hottest curvy MILF's in the industry, who is really nice and funny aswell.

Just her new haircut is not the best in the west, do you agree?

Busty Teen

Sensual 18 Years old Maria is a dream come true.
She is a beautiful mixture of thailandese, spanish and european ancestors. She is quite small, 5'3 and weights 113 pounds. She has some very firm natural 34D's.Allthough she is aware of her beauty, she remains very simple and is very sympatic.

Feels like she just woke up beside you, after you've slept together?

Well as I said... a real dream girl...



I am proud to present you our new model Holly.
Isn't she just sugar??
Her sweet smile and tender body making me happy.
It was great working with her.
Her boobs are not the biggest but I am a huge fan of this shape. Firm and soft anyway, as they are real.

On top of that she has an hot ass, too!
Could you ask for more??

Busty Teen

She seems a bit slutty with her black heels. But for a good imagination it can help sometimes. What would you like to do with her?

Fucking her hard? Spending a night with her? Talking? Watching her masturbating?

Her freckles, pale skin and red hair is a big turn on for many men. Maybe you are one of them.




This phenomenal cute teen with an incredible set of hot natural bombastic titties takes an hot shower. Look at this perfectly shaped ass!

Big Boobs

This yummy lady with perfect nipples strips and exposes her gorgeous huge boobies.






Let's not forget about this wonderful lady. We've had a shooting with London many years ago.

But still she is a raising star in the adult buisness. She takes care of her followers at tumblr and answers every question.

I've had fun at the shoot with her, too. She is really professionell and very easy going.

Nice hello to you, London Andrews!

Big Boobs

This lovely redhead doesn't have the perfect body. But this is exactly what makes her so charming.

When she lifts her skirt we can have a look at her small nasty butt. Plus she has a really cute smile and natural big floppy tits.



Here we've got exclusive content of this awesome redhead.

Look at those love melons!!


And on top of that she has a slim hot body, too!




Big Boobs

Nowadays many girls love to make pictures of themselves and publish it on internet. Also nude pics, which looks very private...

Everyone can do and post what they want. I have no problem with watching these pics.

But let's be honest we enjoy it much more if she is pretty and has nice big boobs, right?



Awesome Grace is our new busty teen.
She has a very cute face and I love blondes anyway. Her boobs are somehow floppy, but I know that many of you like it very much.

Enjoy the small preview of this cutie!

Big Boobs in Bathroom

An other blonde power lady today. Her name is Britney and as you can see in her eyes.. this woman knows what she wants!!


And I am sure, that she gets everything with this spectacular hot body!!!


Amazing isn't it??




Ashley just went 18. I find her very adorable. Especially with her sweet british accent and her Babyface.
She seems a bit shy, but I can assure you that she isn't!

She loves to show off her nude body with those wonderful big hooters.

Seductive busty teen in uniform

Do I have to say more than that this busty teen has an awesome slim body and great big jugs plus she is wearing an uniform?

No? Just enjoy!!



WOW! These are really huge milk cans!!!

This lovely busty teen is from Russia and her Name is Olga. She has a wonderful slim body and very big boobs, plus I am sure that she has a sweet accent.

So fuckable!!

Busty Teen at Home

This busty teen shows you not only her impressive perfectly shaped big boobs, she also offers you her pink pussy!

And all of that at home, remember that you also had a mess in your teenieroom and admired the stars on your posterwall?

It is so nice to be a teen, no worries at all and with her youthfulness she can have every man she wants... but her big tits helping a lot anyway!



Today we have a busty redhead called Rebecca who is 18 years old.

She comes from the States and I can assure you, that she loves to have sex. She told me that she prefers sex with older men than her as they are more mature and they know what they are doing.

Sounds promising to us!

big boobs

I proudly present you the woman with the most perfect boobs i've ever seen.


Look at this shape... awesome!!!!


By the way she has an stunning ass, too! Lucky girl!!



This sensual beauty is Masha. She seems innocent, like a fairy living in the forest.

But stop, the tattoo doesn't fit to this perfect lovely picture of heaven... So i guess she is just an other girl who wants to earn some money with nude pics.

I can live with both ideas.

big boobs

Sirale has an incredible pair of burning hot knockers. Everyone would like to play with them. Do you agree?


Enjoy the preview of this beautiful amateur proud to present her awesome body.



Today we have two busty teens with lollipop!

This blonde nasty lady enjoys to show off her natural big boobs and gets wet while teasing all of her male fanbase.

Do you admit that you are one of them?

big boobs

Louisa from England knows how to seduce a man.
If you check out the preview i've made for you, you will see that she is a pro in posing. Being silly and sugarsweet, or being the vamp and seductive, she knows everything...

So imagine how many faces she will have in bed, too... Arrrrgh!



This chick is unknown. But look at these surprise balls! And on top of that a nice big round ass.

Her melons are firm and still soft, she is hot and sweet, an angel and devil...

A busty teen like we love them!

big boobs

Lara Croft is a beautiful amateur, she has something mystic on her, i can't tell you what it is.


Men love everything on her and most of all her large coconuts, but i am sure women love her too, if it's a least for her pretty hairs...



Terry has boobs that you don't see everyday. They are 100% natural but rock hard and not floppy at all.

Perfect mixture.

Want to know a secret about her? Click on her pic!


HUGE tits

This is Sofia in the shower, i admit that i prefer busty girls with small waists, but hey, Sofia is definitely worth a look.


She has beautiful eyes, a wonderful smile and i can tell you at least two other big arguments that speak for her...



Eli is a cute 19 years old teen with a spectacular set of natural 32DDD's! Looks like her hands are a little small to handle these huge mammaries. I sincerely think that mine would fit much better.

HUGE tits

Another set of massive boobs but this time, from a mature lady! And I always tought that big boobs all get floppy with time. Well this lady defies all my theory about big boobs!

Just take a look ath these beautiful round 36DDD tits, mouth watering!



Jordan is a sensual one. Look at her, her hole body: Her face, her lips, her hips, her ass, her eyes, screams the word : I need to get laid and I need it now!

With her great naturals goodies, I do not think that she will have to wait that long to find a volonteer !

Thin girl with big breasts

What a beautiful set of massive natural tits ! Just the way I (and probably you) like them, juicy, firm natural and more than 2 hands full!

I'll add this girl to my list of christmas gifts this year. Maybe if I am being nice all year...


Eli and her huge naturals

It's been very long since I updated my blog, I ask you to be forgiven. To show you my good will, I decided to offer you a very particular model: My next update ! (To be released around the 15th of March) Eli is a spanish chick with absolutely huge and firm natural tits ! She is 19 years old, have done some work before on the net but is quite unknown for most english speakers. Despite the language barrier (my spanish is not as good as I wished) working with her was a delight!

Thin girl with big breasts

Another thin girl with big natural boobs today ! I think this one is from Czech republic. I will always be impressed by thiny girls with bog boobs. Have tou seen the size of those compared to her body ? Major turn on!


Maryjane is our new busty teen model on 18andbusty. She is quite unknown on the net, I think she did her first shooting ever for us. I say "I think" because unfortunately, I didn't shoot her myself !

It's been quite a long time since I have shot a model, it is time to go back to work! Maryjane turned 18 years old not so long ago, she is still a little camera shy but shows happily her great 36D natural round tits. She's got a nice ass too !

Nancy is a great model ! Her body is perfect, her face is perfect, her smile reminds you that heaven exisists. Ok, I am not the best poet our there. I would than just suggest you to take a look at her pictures. This girl is an angel.


Big boobs

Jay has some yummy big naturals. I almost couldn't resist to grab them.

There is something about her pale skin that makes her very sexy. People say that english girls are rather cold. That is not her case.

If I would want to make a bad pun I would say that she is rather hot. But I won't because it is not my kind of humor.

Big Boobs

I don't mind some chocolate boobs from time to time. It makes a nice contrast with whity up here.

A nice full happy day would be to start with some juicy chocolate boobs and to finish the day with white milk cans.

Sounds healthy to me.



Hot Busty Teen
Felicia has one of the hottest sets of natural big boobs on the net! The only informations that I have is that:

1- She is 19 years old
2- She come from the US
3- She has some huge natural 36E boobs !

I'll tell you more as soon As I learn more!
Awesome large natural breasts
I can't count the numbers of hours that I spend looking at her pictures and her flawless big natural boobs when I was a teen. Kirstin was a very popular model then.

This set was shot last year. This means that she is around 40 now. Still incredibly hot, don't you think ?


Stunning Slim Busty Teen
Sofia is one of the hottest busty teen model in this industry. Not hot by me but I know that she is Russian and if my informations are correct, she is now 20. She was 19 years old at the time of this shooting.

She will probably remain one of the cutest porn model in the industry. Enjoy her few videos in this gallery! :-)
Vintage Big Natural Boobs
I love vintage models. I don't know why, it's like that. Pauline is one of the hottest vintage models ever. She was cute, slim, naive and had an awesome set of huge natural breasts.

There is unfortunately not very much content left of her. But I have the most of it :-)


Very seductive teen with big naturals
Conny is the most sensual model on 18andbusty ! On top of that, she is a natural beauty. Her curves, by curves i mean hips, ass, breasts, are perfect.

Add to this her kindness and you get a young 19 years old goddess that you would wish to keep for you alone. Luckily for us, she shares a little of herself with the entire world.
Skinny Teen with large tits
I like many different kind of girls. Tiny girls like Gisele with her large rock hard tits is a major turn on for me. Her breasts are not that big, but still more than a handful. Enough to spend a pleasant monday evening.


Thin with big natural Breasts
Holy shit! Look at the size of these tits in comparison to the size of her waist and hips !

She has a butter face but what an awesome body she has ! Thin girls with big natural breasts are a huge turn on for me.
Hot, plain and simply amazing !
Huge natural tits on this charming teen
Karen is a teen model who was quite popular a few years ago. As you can see, she was a real sex bomb. Unfortunatly, she has gained a lot a weight and she now is... Well she is fat and ugly. I don't find an other way to express it. Enjoy Karen in her early days!


Large natural boobs on a thin teen body
Kendra is our new busty teen model for this month. She is 19 years old and comes from Russia. Like all my russian models, I did not shoot her myself. It is a pity. I would have loved to see those large natural boobs with my own eyes! One day, I will go to Russia and they will all be mine !
Thiny teen with large ones
Yet another sweetie that I didn't shoot myself. I have no idea where she is from, all I can do is trying to keep my jaws together while looking at her perfectly sculpted body. 18 years old, 5'1 and perfectly shaped 32DD. That is what I wish myself for christmas this year.

10-11 -2011

Huge tit
Olga is one of the most amazing models on the net. She is beautiful and her boobs are simply HUGE !

We, at 18andbusty, are the only one on the net that offers videos with her. Enjoy !
Large heavy suckable breasts
Can you believe that this chick is 19 years old ? Still a teen even if she looks a bit older. Her breasts surelly looks mature to me! A beautiful set of heavy natural 34 DD's ! Just the way I like them. Well ok, I like them all anyway ! :-)

04-11 -2011

Charming teen showing off her big boobs
This one has a particular innocent look on her face that makes her attractive. And what about those perfect jumbo boobs ? Got to love teens with big boobs!
Slim milf showing off her beautiful big breasts
At what age can we call them MILF ? This young lady has a perfect figure and a beautiful smile. I woudn't mind to spend a few hours on a desert island with her.

29-10 -2011

Astoningshing teen with perfect huge natural tits
I was the very first one to shoot Hailie. My jaws literally dropped when I saw her naked for the first time.

She was absolutely PERFECT ! Barelly 5'1 talll, huge milk cans, no strech marks, thin waist, perfect round ass.

One flaw though: She admit, in the interview video which I did with her, that her favorite sex position is missionary: She prefers to lie on her back and do nothing.

I guess I could live with that for one night.
Very cute Czech chick with a nice set of titties
Nancy is a Czech chick and I unfortunately never got the chance to work with her.

Quite a pity cause I find her to be very attractive.


Petite milf with huge natural tits
Moniq is a little bomb ! Barelly 5 feet tall, huge natural boobs, full of energy and full of sensuality :-)

You can not get bored with this girl around you and she will always be very professional at work and offer her 100% cooperation :-) Working with her was a pleasure !
Cute teen proud to show off her big boobs
Ahhhhh What a set of boobs ! I didn't have the chance to work with this model. But it doesn't keep me from dreaming of her tits every night!


Sexy Conny and her stunning body
Can you get any sexier ? Conny was probably the most sexy girl that I have ever worked with. Aside from her perfect body and face, she is just sensual. Just look at her eyes... Breath taking !
Huge and 100% natural tits
I have to admit: I did not shoot her myself. Unfortunatly, I would have loved too ! Have you seen the size of those
tits ? Would just love to feel that.


Beautiful big breasts on this sexy lady
A beautiful set of boobs on this tiny cutie ! You can watch her having sex. What a job this guy has... And he got paid for it !
large heavy and suckable naturals on this thin lady
Cecile is not the prettiest, allthough she is far from being ugly! There is something that makes her very special. Maybe the fact that she has some awesome
natural DD's ?

I find her to be very very sexy!


Debutante with a perfect sets of big tits
Chantal is 100% exclusive to the site 18andbusty. She has one of the hardest natural big tits that I have ever seen in my big boobs hunter carreer !

Her boobs are big and perfectly shaped and on top of that, it was a pleasure to work with her. A very charming person.
Sexy busty teen that loves to show off her huge natural boobs
Sofia is probably the hottest busty teen in the porn industry! She is from Russia. I absolutely have to travel to Russia in order to meet all these busty beauty queens!


One of the biggest set of natural boobs on the net
Probably one of the biggest natural tits in the industry ! Not really a teen anymore but for big breasts lovers, she is a must!

Like many porn stars, she is very reserved, almost shy. She was easy to work with. Willing to do just anything she is asked to.
I did not shoot myself this young 18 years old cutie, but I like her roguish smile.
I would probably not dislike to grab her big soft titties from behind. And you ?


A petite teen (barely 5 feet tall) with big rock hard boobs. Rita is very sweet and, surprisingly, quite shy. Luckily for us, she has overcomed her timidity and showed us her magnificent teen body.
Jennifer is 19 Years old, allthough she looks a bit older, she has this charming naivity thay makes her very attractive. Of course, her magnificent natural wonders have something to do with it !


Why did I choose a sample where you can't see her face ? Because she is ugly ! Got to love ugly girls with astonishing body !
I can tell you this: If we crossed path with this girl on the street, we would never turn our heads to look at her. It is a completely different story when she takes off her clothes and shows us her natural wonders ! Very surprising !


Holy mama !  These boobs are huge !
These are probably one of the biggest boobs which i have ever shot ! That was impressive ! Nice girl on top of that. Not my type but cute.
Another set of HUGE tits. I am the first one who shot Katalina naked. She turned 18 years old 2 or 3 months before the shooting and wanted to try something new.
She was very charming and very shy ! Unfortunately, I haven't have the chance to work with her since. I cross my fingers, you never know !


A stupid bitch with awesome tits
I am the one who shot these pictures.
First impression:
The girl is a bitch! She was so stupid that I decided
to stop the shooting before the scheduled time.
Second impression:
What a set of tits ! These are 100% natural.
Absolutely mouth watering. Want to taste ?
Submittet by a surfer who wanted to present us his girlfriend. Nice of him don't you think ?


skiny teen with natural big boobs
I am not a fan off full bushes, but I woudn't refuse a young cutie with such a set of boobs. Would you ?
Ok this one is impressive: Her body is perfectly shaped, muscular, fit, perfect legs, perfect ass and some rock hard natural big boobs. And she is cute on top of that. Can you really ask for more ? Where can I order one like that for my personal use only ?


Teen With Huge Natural Big Boobs
Holly molly ! This one seems to be so proud of her assets. If ever you read this, please communicate with me, I'd like to spend a few hours with your tits !
This girl is simply a sweetheart ! Natural beauty with a rock hard set of tits. Working with her was a pure delight.


Unfortunately, I did not shoot this model. Sad isn't it ? You do not see that kind of tits very often. Yeah well, Russia is a bit far from where I live but I promise myself I have to visit that country which is well under estimated for it's beautiful women.

For large nipples lover :-) -

Got to say that I love her lips. I find them to be very sensual. Would love to see that on my cock !



Pretty face, slim body, huge natural boobs. Can it get any better ?
Paula (I do not know why they always choose strange names when they work for me !) is absolutely AMAZING ! She is beautiful, fun, sexy, she loves sex. She is perfect !

I look forward to work with her again. By the way, I can shoot private videos with her just for you. Your scenarios, she calls you by your name, she talks directly to you etc. Let me know if ever you are interested !
Her body is simply perfection
What can I say here ? Her body is PERFECT ! I do not like her with blonde hair though. I haven't work with her yet. Allthough I heard that she is not very bright, I look forward to work with her.


Got to love surfers submittet pics. There are always undiscovered treasures in there !
Another young cutie who wants to share her assets with the world. Who would complain ? Damn, where were all those girls when I was in school ?


A nice set of big pillows
My type of soft big tits. It looks just so comfortable. I didn't shoot these pics, unfortunatly. I'd love to work with that girl though. Just in order to test if her boobs are as comfortable as they look.
I'd love to lick on those boobs!
This one drives me crazy. She is THE perfect sex doll. Russian. I absolutely have to learn russian, seduce her and make her mine.


Russian chick showing off her beautiful breasts
Another russian chick ! Just the way she moves on video, you can see that she is not the cleverest. But with that body, and for only 1 night (or 2). Who cares ?
Sexy Jennique proud of her beautiful huge natural breasts
Working with Jennique was a real pleasure. This girls is not only adorable, she is absolutely beautiful !! Her lips are perfectly sensual, her cute little nose and her huge, marvelous natural tits. Where ever you are today Jennique, greetings from me !


milf with very large and natural breasts
The perfect MILF. I want her bad. Am I the only one ?
Perfect melons on this cute model
I like very much red haired girl. They have something hard to describe that makes me hard. On top of that, this one has beautiful natural big tits. Makes me even harder.






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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Don't forget to come back tomorrow for new cuties with natural big boobs!

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